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whats level 1 song (Mountain Range) i really like it lol

is it  a virus?

It's not, the "readme.txt" and the warning says that the game will NOT harm your computer.


Very neat game! I imagine in the future this will have been the game that walked so that others like it could run.

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i just made catto boi and big boi but with sad spongebob faces *plus an steel sting sound*

could you add back that 999.exe and crap i used to play with that i loved it

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another reminder for those who are here from YuB, iShowSpeed, or any other influencers:

this game, and all other games in the series, are not viruses - they do not contain any malicious code, and they cannot do any harm to your computer at all, nor can they hack into you or anything else. this is made very clear in the readme.txt, and even in the game's warning itself.

to think that a 4th wall breaking horror game can hack into people's devices and wreck them is a pretty immature and absurd belief, primarily fueled by the clickbait videos and content circling around the internet that is promoting this series.

if you still think that the games are viruses that can hack into your roblox account, steal your files and destroy your computer, despite reading this disclaimer, then they are not for you to play.

these games are not made for children either; if you are younger than 16, or even younger than 13, please keep in mind that the Catto Boi series features content that may disturb you in several ways, so please be careful when playing, or don't play it at all.

thanks for reading! stay safe

i died once then i saw that there is no X then i tried to alt f4 but it didnt work, i beat that i then i immediately removed all traces of it lol (the human eyes + human mouth on catto actually kinda scared me lol)

Im GoNnA pLaY tHiS yAh Yah YaH

ok this is awesom

remember kids

This game is not for kids! If you are under 16, do not play this game.

here is a video [not by me]

Video by: YuB

everytime i open it, after a few seconds it just closes but theres still a process


hi :)

I am a 12 year old child that loves horror (and human blood ofc), I also like to torture myself, I often get easily disturbed, but I'm trying to stop being scared of anything, that's why I want to play this game (also I want to play it because of YuB) and I hope my computer will be perfectly fine... I'm scared of that "I'm sorry", I'm scared that that might crash my computer, because even when I play minecraft it starts to crash..

i cant play it cuz i dont know the cod

the what

i think he means the code

there is no code/pin


ogm guyz do'nt pley tis gam itt will make ur competter turn into herrobrine and eet you!!1!1!!1!1!!1!1!1!1



this game broke my pc :(


f*** speed i hate speed

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Spoilers for people who havent played the first section 








None of the desktop files are showing up ;-; i searched up a video (ik im not supposed to but i thoroughly checked every file and i literally didnt find anything. and the game said "desktop" specifically) and apperantally there are others? It changed my wallpaper to spooky or whatever but the files js dont pop up unfortunately. i tried redownloading it and using the replay tool but it didnt help. is there a fix?

so my windows isnt activated yet and i cant change my background back from the spook.png

please help

Try get a background from google, download it, then go to explorer and go to the file, right click it and select set to background

or download python and search a code that replaces your background (much harder lol)

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 that was a creppy Game

catto boi game


i bet some people are here because of Ishowspeed playing this game

I wanna play it because of YuB


H̷̨̧̢̛͔̲̭̼̱͉̲͚̟͓̲̫̯̄͜É̶̪̪̥͚̀́͋̾̂̌̈́͌̓̽͊̔̎̂̒̉̏̑͒́̈́̒̓̚͝͝͝͝ͅĻ̶̨̲̹͚̬̺̺̜̘͙̱̪̠̝͇̞͖̜̫̩̼͌̋̋̊̓̈́͒̆̈̓͐̐̃̊͗͜͜ͅP̵̧̫̟̫̹̯̭̫͖̞̲̙̤̻̰̊̿̏̓͋̓̀̿͑̒͐͝͝ ̷̛̱̣̬͚̹̪͖̯̘̙͓̥̣̟̗͓̔̀̿̏́̔͋͗̋͂́̔̿̑̾̇͂̋͊͛͛͆̐̒̚̕̕̕͝M̸͖̺̉̾́͛̏̎̑̆̿̊͌̽̽̔̍̆̑̾̎͐͒͂̚̚̚͝Ę̴̨̨̙͎̩̯̥̭͚̗̩̰͈̼͔̥͉̝͙̆́̽̄͒̇ͅ H̷̨̧̢̛͔̲̭̼̱͉̲͚̟͓̲̫̯̄͜É̶̪̪̥͚̀́͋̾̂̌̈́͌̓̽͊̔̎̂̒̉̏̑͒́̈́̒̓̚͝͝͝͝ͅĻ̶̨̲̹͚̬̺̺̜̘͙̱̪̠̝͇̞͖̜̫̩̼͌̋̋̊̓̈́͒̆̈̓͐̐̃̊͗͜͜ͅP̵̧̫̟̫̹̯̭̫͖̞̲̙̤̻̰̊̿̏̓͋̓̀̿͑̒͐͝͝ ̷̛̱̣̬͚̹̪͖̯̘̙͓̥̣̟̗͓̔̀̿̏́̔͋͗̋͂́̔̿̑̾̇͂̋͊͛͛͆̐̒̚̕̕̕͝M̸͖̺̉̾́͛̏̎̑̆̿̊͌̽̽̔̍̆̑̾̎͐͒͂̚̚̚͝Ę̴̨̨̙͎̩̯̥̭͚̗̩̰͈̼͔̥͉̝͙̆́̽̄͒̇ͅ H̷̨̧̢̛͔̲̭̼̱͉̲͚̟͓̲̫̯̄͜É̶̪̪̥͚̀́͋̾̂̌̈́͌̓̽͊̔̎̂̒̉̏̑͒́̈́̒̓̚͝͝͝͝ͅĻ̶̨̲̹͚̬̺̺̜̘͙̱̪̠̝͇̞͖̜̫̩̼͌̋̋̊̓̈́͒̆̈̓͐̐̃̊͗͜͜ͅP̵̧̫̟̫̹̯̭̫͖̞̲̙̤̻̰̊̿̏̓͋̓̀̿͑̒͐͝͝ ̷̛̱̣̬͚̹̪͖̯̘̙͓̥̣̟̗͓̔̀̿̏́̔͋͗̋͂́̔̿̑̾̇͂̋͊͛͛͆̐̒̚̕̕̕͝M̸͖̺̉̾́͛̏̎̑̆̿̊͌̽̽̔̍̆̑̾̎͐͒͂̚̚̚͝Ę̴̨̨̙͎̩̯̥̭͚̗̩̰͈̼͔̥͉̝͙̆́̽̄͒̇ͅ H̷̨̧̢̛͔̲̭̼̱͉̲͚̟͓̲̫̯̄͜É̶̪̪̥͚̀́͋̾̂̌̈́͌̓̽͊̔̎̂̒̉̏̑͒́̈́̒̓̚͝͝͝͝ͅĻ̶̨̲̹͚̬̺̺̜̘͙̱̪̠̝͇̞͖̜̫̩̼͌̋̋̊̓̈́͒̆̈̓͐̐̃̊͗͜͜ͅP̵̧̫̟̫̹̯̭̫͖̞̲̙̤̻̰̊̿̏̓͋̓̀̿͑̒͐͝͝ ̷̛̱̣̬͚̹̪͖̯̘̙͓̥̣̟̗͓̔̀̿̏́̔͋͗̋͂́̔̿̑̾̇͂̋͊͛͛͆̐̒̚̕̕̕͝M̸͖̺̉̾́͛̏̎̑̆̿̊͌̽̽̔̍̆̑̾̎͐͒͂̚̚̚͝Ę̴̨̨̙͎̩̯̥̭͚̗̩̰͈̼͔̥͉̝͙̆́̽̄͒̇ͅ

Oh don't worry, I won't :)

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This game has no viruses. just your antivirus might flag it. but there are no viruses whatsoever and it is 100% safe. And if your antivirus did not flag it why do you think its a virus?

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no it isn't a virus

Deleted 56 days ago

Install virtual box

What is this game ??????


that isn't you

its him


Honestly, your work inspired me to change a story i've been writing into an actual game. But I don't know how to make games in the first place and I don't know where to get started. Do you have any advice?


watch as many tutorials as you can - i'd highly recommend shaun spalding's gamemaker tutorials on making platformers, setting up cameras, melee attacks, ds lists, etc

the extensions i use for 4th wall breaking are pretty simple to use and are readily available to download - window_commands, WinDev and libdlgmod are some of the main ones i use. i had a friend of mine make a custom extension for me that helps me to change the wallpaper and move the mouse, as that can't be done natively in gms2,, but changing the wallpaper in other ways involves editing the registry, so that might be too advanced to begin with.

i'm glad that my work has made you feel inspired to make something great! i look forward to seeing what you make in the future! :)

Bro Why it changed my background! why catto why.... it knew my FREAKING NAME


Fuck off CD


BRO I WATCHED YuB PLAY IT (subscribe to YuB and THIJlava on youtube)


i love horror games would be like sonic exe or stuff i enjoyed this game i liked the jumpscares they was A M A Z I N G i beat the game ( i played this because my favourite youtuber yub ) and so have a nice day :) (also i loved the game)CATTO


That star looks familliar...

Probably because it looks like this emoji ☞ ✨

OOO, I wanna play it also because YuB played it, also I loved that karaoke horror game

i just want the soundtrack i saw a youtuber play this and i just want the music its the best music a game could have (behind mc)

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Honestly, I loved this game. I was playing for a little bit and then I got the whole Sonic.exe vibes once it started making weird noises. The game is really fun and Scary but what really got me was the whole knowing my name thing and adding text files onto my desktop. 10/10 for scares and 10/10 for effort. you get a gold star! ⭐ (also for those of you who think this is a virus, it's not. If it was wouldn't let Mango-ki upload it to the site. The game is harmless and won't do anything but change your background. Which is an easy fix. btw Mango-ki I think that there is something wrong because when you get to the level "I'm sorry" I use the arrow keys to select something but it didn't do anything. I restarted the game, but it still didn't fix it. Please fix it!)


thank you for your review! the scares were pretty fun to make, ngl - I like how this game in particular became very popular due to YuB's video on it,, thanks YuB

none of the games are viruses, obviously - all of the games were made in GMS2 with custom extensions which are harmless, they don't delete your files, etc. I made this very clear in the readme.txt that comes with each game for everyone's peace of mind.

as for the bug, I'm not sure what might cause it... it should work just the same as the other titlescreens do - you select an option with the arrow keys and press 'enter', but I might look into it if I can! ty for the headsup



where is the dialog box? :(




SAME!!! :D

i onlly came  here cuz of yub but i will never download this

Lol, same

But I'll maybe download it, but not now because I can't, so I'll download it 2 days later



i played it and messed with my computer and changed my background ! 

It's not that bad, you can just delete the file bro. The application that does that in the game in called "333" I believe. Either delete the game, or delete the application.

Please help I'm using my mom's computer and I deleted the game but the background didnt go away and i searched 333 just to make sure nothing came up

Are you using Windows?

Found this on my computer.

catto is now gone 

there is no hope anymore 

he said he'd do far worse and now look


if you dont want it to move your mouse or change your backdrop run it on a vm


it keeps on getting my name wrong even though I have changed it in my settings... help(?)

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