A downloadable game for Windows

Just imagine - you can hang out online in Catto Boi's world with your friends. Talk to each other. Do crouch dances. Chase each other around the lobby map. Argue about what your friend did on Discord the other day.

Today, that dream is now possible!

Introducing Catto-Rena, an arena/hangout multiplayer game with cato! Join your friends' servers, or host your own and have fun! There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. (When the game is finished probably)

Early Access info:

This is an early release, so there will be some bugs - one such issue is that as of v1.0.4 none of the other clients can produce sound. The player count for everyone may also not work reliably at the moment.

In the future new characters will be added, and possibly new minigames as well as a PvP mode, and fixes for the bugs!

Additional credits:


  • mango-ki (everything more or less)
  • John-Kun (for helping with tile collision and a few other things)
  • Roleyx (for helping with some programming)
  • MrYossarian (for helping to make extensions for the game)


  • mango-ki (character art, background art, tile art, menu art)
  • felix.rodent (touch-ups of character art and NPC art, game logo)

IMPORTANT: I am not responsible for anything that takes place in your own server. You decide what is or isn't allowed, as long as it's not illegal for you and/or anyone else.

System requirements: https://pastebin.com/uGzjETsK

Dialogue system by friendlycosmonaut:https://friendlycosmonaut.itch.io/dialoguesystem

Install instructions

Unzip the game to any location and run 'Catto-Rena.exe'. To host a server, please refer to the information in the server hosting screen in-game.


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the buttons don't work ._.

Me too

I can't change music anymore :c

yeah, this is a known bug, already mostly fixed for the next update which will be coming soon :)

nice :)

I check on virus total :/


this game doesn't have any malicious code in it, it's not even a horror game at that 🤨

when will the future update be added


ok join on radmin 

radmin network name cat servah

radmin network pass: bruh55

radmin ip:


how do i play



it wont let me download


this game is epic



it keeps saying i timed out


also it wont let me type or rename/customize my character 

Anyway can you give me the ost?

this game is epic boi

nice, rainflow is here REEEH COMEH HERE BOI


epic 100%


you smell like you farted